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Become an      Affiliate

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The Perks

earn 8% commission on qualifiying orders

You can earn 8% of an entire order when customers make purchases for our products through your link!

receive 30% off on all your Adored Society orders

get 15% off every order you make from Adored Society (can ONLY be used for you!)

get personalized 5% OFF coupons to share!

specialized coupon codes to help you drive traffic to your affiliate link!

How it Works


create an account & sign up for the affiliate program HERE.


once approved, navigate to your affiliate dashboard and copy your 10% coupon code.


share your affiliate link on social media!


once a sale is made through your personal link, you will earn 8% commission on that order (if it qualifies).


Note payout is 30 days after the order is delivered, just in case the item gets returned. If the item gets returned the order does not qualify for commission.

More Info

Once enrolled in the program, you can navigate to the terms and conditions section on your affiliate log-in and the details section of each offer to see more information regarding this program.

If you have additional questions about the affiliate program, please send us a chat in the message box to the right, and we will respond shortly!

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